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Career Services offers students and alumni resources to assist with obtaining full-time employment. We invite you to explore the menu items and resources on this page to assist you with your career interests. 

Our Job Hunt Resources page will provide you extensive information on writing resumes, cover letters, interviewing, job searching, salary negotiation, community-specific resources and more! 

New/Upcoming Grads - Job searching during COVID-19

In this strange and uncertain situation, classes have gone remote, campus events and activities canceled, and in-person social interactions drastically decreased. It may become easy to feel overwhelmed with the changes or to become way too relaxed with self-Quarantine. This would be a good time, however, to see this as an opportunity to improve yourself and make progress toward your career goals. Below are some resources to help you focus your job search during the COVID-19 quarantine. Please contact Career Services if you have questions or need assistance with any of these tips/actions.

F-1 Off-Campus Employment and International Organization Internship 

5 Tips to Move Your Job Search or Career Forward During COVID-19

Graduating in the age of COVID-19, A Student Job Search Guide

What Employers are doing during COVID-19

Video - Coronavirus Job Search: What Jobs are Hiring & How to Get a Job During COVID-19 Outbreak

Article - COVID-19 and Your Job: Tips and Actions to Consider

Article - 10 Ways To Launch A Successful Job Search Amid Coronavirus

Connect with employers

Who's Still Hiring Students Today

Companies that are mass hiring during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Pure Michigan Talent Connect - COVID-19 Job Portal

Shipt Seeks To Add Three Thousand Shoppers In Detroit Metro Area

Explore job opportunities/Remote Work

Explore Handshake to identify full-time opportunities for WSU students. Its WSU Career Services' social networking site for jobs. 

The 25 best sites for remote work

Job search websites that have filters for remote or work from home, part-time, and entry-level jobs: 

Check out our other various internet job boards broken down by industry.

Receive assistance with career readiness

Qualified professionals are available to assist with resume writing, interview strategies, company research, salary information and more.

How to Schedule an Online Counseling Appointment

Questions about Full-Time Employment or Campus Recruiting? Contact Susan Crowley, ad1112@wayne.edu.