Senior/new grads

Career Services offers Warriors resources and tools to gain full-time employment as a new grad. Senior year is crunch time for job searching. Ensure you understand your job options and keep an open mind on employment opportunities. Be sure you are able to explain to employers the career competencies that you acquired while getting your degree. Use the Senior/new grad checklist to keep on track and set a Career Counseling appointment if you need help.

Job searching

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the job search process. Remember, with some perseverance, you can continue improving yourself and progress toward your career goals. Below are resources to help you focus your job search.

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Job search websites for remote, hybrid, work-from-home, part-time, and entry-level jobs: 

Check out our other various internet job boards broken down by industry.

Connect with employers

Handshake - Explore the Handshake "Career Center" for WSU networking events, career fairs, employer collections, and more. Download the app on your mobile device or use your computer. Remember to log in to your free account with your WSU Access ID and password. The more you complete your profile, the better your chances of being noticed/hired by employers. 

LinkedIn - connect with recruiters and find hiring companies, job opportunities, and networking events. Complete your profile and build your professional network. 

Career Fairs - In-person and virtual opportunities to talk with employers about jobs.

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