Career planning and readiness

Career Services 4 -Year Career Readiness Plan - WSU undergraduate students can use this 4-year plan to get career-ready by graduation. You can start anytime, but it's best to work on your career planning and readiness early and often. Career counselors and advisors at Career Services are ready to work with you! Make an appointment using Handshake

Career planning 

Generally, this process starts with self-discovery by exploring personal aspirations. Next, investigating occupations helps you understand how interests, abilities, strengths, values, etc., relate to potential careers. Then the integration between personal goals and the realities of the world of work characterizes effective decision-making. Finally, decisions must be implemented for personal objectives to be achieved. You are encouraged to proactively engage in this ongoing process to increase career satisfaction throughout your working life. This lifelong endeavor allows individuals to take an active role in their own professional development.

Career readiness

This is a foundation that demonstrates requisite core competencies which broadly prepare the college-educated for success in the workplace and lifelong career management. For new college graduates, career readiness is key to ensuring successful entrance into the workforce. Career readiness is the foundation upon which a successful career is launched. There are 8 Career Readiness Competencies that help employers understand if you are prepared for the workplace. Being able to understand and articulate these competencies is key.

Career Services provides a wide variety of services and resources to assist Wayne State students and alumni in career planning and readiness endeavors. It is our goal to assist individuals and groups with the career exploration process as it relates to career readiness, including career options, academic preparation, occupational research, decision-making, goal setting, and implementation.