WSU's Career Services is dedicated to meeting the career management needs of students and alumni. We work to promote student retention and success through university and employer collaborations as well as the assessment of learning outcomes. Our purpose is to empower individuals to engage in lifelong career management.

While serving our students is our number one priority, we know data* is important to all of our stakeholders, including parents, University staff and faculty, and employers. The following provides information pertaining to activities and student responses for the 2019-2020 year (a link to the full report is down below):  

* Data reporting cycle runs annually from November to November.

Data report highlights

Student data

  • Over 17,000 Warriors are registered with WSU Career Services!
  • 354 students and alumni engaged in micro-internships.
  • Over 1,000 students were employed on campus.

The top 3 career topics that Warriors are most interested in learning (more) about:

  • How to search for jobs
  • How to write effective resumes and cover letters 
  • How to best prepare for job interviews

Employer and industry data

Over 16,000 Employers are registered with WSU Career Services!

Top industries represented on campus: 

  • Healthcare
  • Internet / Software 
  • Non-Profit

Companies that offered the most number of remote positions (due to COVID-19):

  • Verizon
  • Picture this Post
  • Adobe Systems
  • World Endeavors
  • Epic Games
  • Data Ready DFW
  • The Intern Group
  • Clocky LLC
  • Nanda Home
  • Noya Jibon 

New jobs by industry over the course of 1 year: 

  • K-12 Education: 7% increase
  • Government (Local, State, Federal): 8% increase
  • Healthcare: 26% increase

Questions regarding this report may be directed to Padmaja Rao, Associate Director / Assessment Manager, WSU Career Services.

Full 2020 Annual Report