Barriers to employment success inventory (BESI)

Barriers to Employment Success Inventory (BESI) is an assessment that helps individuals identify problem areas that may be preventing them from getting and succeeding at a job. This simple tool also encourages takers to consider suggestions and develop a plan of action for overcoming their barriers.

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Five tips for overcoming employment barriers

  1. Know what you want. The clearer your career goals are, the easier it will be to focus your job search strategies.
  2. Understand employers' needs. All jobs are created from unmet needs; the more you know about the demands of today's job market, the better prepared you will be.
  3. Compare personal goals to market demands to identify gaps in skills, education, and training.
  4. Implement a strategic action plan to develop marketable skills and abilities.
  5. Develop a personal brand to use in your well-constructed job search campaign.