Employer Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Pledge

We invite our employer partners to complete this pledge, which commits your company to uphold the diversity, equity, and inclusion standards of Wayne State University. Diversity is a core value at Wayne State University. We value everyone and understand that unique experiences, talents, and perspectives strengthen our community. We believe that diversity enriches all and that exposing people to different experiences teaches them how to accept others openly and educates them on working collaboratively with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

As such, we hold our employers accountable for promoting equitable access to opportunities for all WSU students, including our Black, Hispanic/LatinX, Indigenous, Students of Color, women, LGBTQ+ students, students with disabilities, and international students. We are committed to working with employers who support diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) for all students.


  • Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Inc.
  • www.dso.org
  • 3711 Woodward
  • Detroit, Michigan 48201
  • PEA Group
  • Civil Engineering
  • www.peagroup.com
  • 1849 Pond Run
  • Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326
  • HBox Inc.
  • Digital Health
  • hbox.ai
  • 3200 Kirkwood Highway
  • Wilmington, Delaware 19808

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