O*NET Career Values Inventory

The O*NET Career Values Inventory introduces the importance of work values in making career decisions. Students and alumni are offered the opportunity to rank the level of importance of common job characteristics and then select possible occupations according to the level of preparation within related career groups.

What is a value?

We often choose occupations based on interests and abilities, but more often, career satisfaction comes from the alignment of values. The academic definition of value is "the desirability or worth (intrinsic or utility) of something such as a belief, standard or precept." It is also important to remember that values represent a rank in the system of classification. In other words, while many things may be important to us, we tend to prioritize according to our core values. To determine if a job characteristic is aligned with your values, ask yourself:

  • Am I willing to pay for this?
  • How will I fight for this?
  • What am I willing to sacrifice for this?

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