Wayne State University

Third Party & Network Marketing Companies

Career Services looks to connect our students and alumni with bona fide employment opportunities. We encourage organizations large and small, in the public or private sector to participate in our services.


Network Marketing Companies

These organizations are not considered “employers” by  WSU Career Services and are not eligible to participate in job fairs, career fairs, on-campus interviewing, résumé referrals, employer presentations, or sponsorships for on-campus activities. A network marketing company is defined as one that engages in the following practices:

  • Sponsors individuals to set up their own businesses for the purpose of selling products or services and/or recruiting other individuals to set up their own businesses
  • Requires an initial investment (payment of a fixed fee, payment to attend an orientation or training session, and/or purchase of a starter kit) from an individual, with the organization itself serving as an umbrella or parent corporation
  • Offers compensation in the form of straight commission, fees from others under their sponsorship in the organization, and/or a percentage of sales generated by others

If you have any questions or need further detail,  please contact the Career Services Center at (313) 577-3390.


Third Party Agencies

(search firms, placement agencies, etc. who are not considered the employer of record)

These organizations are offered job posting assistance only, when they meet the following requirements:

  • Provide disclosure of vacancy position(s) and employer he/she represents for recruiting activities.
  • Acknowledges that Career Services may verify with employer the third party's recruiter relationship.

Third party agencies are not eligible for other employer services.