Wayne State University

On-Campus Student Employment


The on-campus student employment program at Wayne State University provides students with an opportunity to develop personal and work related skills in a controlled environment. In addition, the program fosters a spirit of campus-community through the interaction between students, supervisors, and co-workers that provides students with an additional sense of encouragement to persist in the completion of their academic curriculum.

Students: If you have a question/concern and/or need support regarding on-campus student employment, please contact Cheryl Dove, On-Campus Student Employment Coordinator, at 313 577-3390 or email at cdove@wayne.edu. 


On-Campus Student Assistant

Students who are seeking non-work study student employment can visit Career Services (1001 Faculty/Administration Building) to find the listing of student employment jobs.  Placement assistance is available in matching students to their interests. 

Job postings may be viewed in-office or online. To view student jobs online, please register with Career Services via Handshake by clicking on the link below.

About Handshake, Job Postings and Registration 


On-Campus College Work Study

Students who receive a work-study award from WSU's Office of Student Financial Aid can visit Career Services to review federal work-study job listings. Assistance is available in matching student interests to jobs. In addition, some positions involve community service work within the local community. These include direct and indirect services, both on and off the campus, in the areas of supportive education, legal aid, counseling, tutoring, child care, and more.

Job postings may be viewed in the Career Services Office or on Handshake. To view student jobs online, please active your Handshake account by clicking here.


Work Study Start & End Dates


New Contract Starts: April 22, 2019

Contract Ends: August 25, 2019