Wayne State University

Invest in Student Success


The on-campus student employment program at Wayne State University provides students with an opportunity to develop personal and work related skills in a controlled environment. In addition, the program fosters a spirit of campus-community through the interaction between students, supervisors, and co-workers that provides students with an additional sense of encouragement to persist in the completion of their academic curriculum.

The Invest in Student Success initiative is designed to be an enhancement that encourages supervisors to periodically ask students how they are doing in their classes and how they relate such activity to what they are learning on the job based on the following four questions: 

  1. How is this job fitting in with your academics?
  2. What are you learning here that's helping you in school?
  3. What are you learning in class that you can apply here at work?
  4. Can you give me a couple of examples of things you have learned here that you think you will use in your chosen profession?

Near the onset and/or end of each fall and winter semesters, an online assessment is conducted to assess students experience as student employees and is shared with participating units in order to foster an environment of ongoing improvement for all.