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Why should I register with Career Services?


Creating a profile on CSO enables students & alumni to participate in services offered by main campus Career Services:

  • On-campus interviews – Sign up for an interview or submit a resume for  interviewing consideration
  • Resume Referrals – Post a resume and have it referred out to interested employers
  • Online job postings – View job opportunities and apply directly to employers who post available positions
  • Information regarding upcoming career events – Receive e-mails on various career-related activities
  • Information regarding employment opportunities – Receive e-mails about current job opportunities

NOTE: This is a free and confidential service to WSU Students and Alumni. You can remove yourself from CSO at anytime.


How do I register with Career Services?


Register for Career Services on CSO:

  • Go to www.careerservices.wayne.edu.
  • Select "Student/Alumni" under the CSO logo.
  • Select "Click here to Register."
  • Enter your personal information.
  • Select "Register" when finished.


Where do I find a list of job opportunities?


Full-time Jobs are listed on CSO under the Job Posting 
section and in our office in the Job Search Lab.

Off-Campus Part-time Jobs are listed on CSO and on the 
Career Services front office bulletin board.

On-Campus Student Employment are listed on CSO and 
on the Career Services front office bulletin board.

Internship opportunities are listed on CSO under the Job Posting section and on the Career Services front office bulletin board.

Log on to CSO


Where do I find a listing of on-campus interviews?


On-Campus interviews are listed on the homepage of our Website and on CSO under the On-Campus Interviews tab.

Any Students/Alumni who are interested in viewing the details of an On-Campus interview must first create a profile on CSO and upload a resume. Once a profile has been created, you are able to view the interviews which are listed in the main menu area of CSO under the On-Campus Interviews tab.  

To view the details about an On-Campus Interview event:

  • Log on to CSO with your personal user name and password.
  • Select the "On-Campus Interviews" tab on the top of the page.
  • Select "Interviews I Qualify For"
  • Click the "Job Title" for details and requirements regarding the event.

Please note the Event Information, Deadlines, and Requirements, as this is the information and requirements for participation. 


How do I leave a resume for Career Services to refer out?


Thousands of student and alumni resumes are referred out each semester. All resumes referred to employers are pulled from our CSO database. If you would like for our office to refer your resume to interested employers, please complete a profile and upload your resume onto CSO. This allows us to maintain an EOE atmosphere.
It is extremely important to keep your resume up to date for this service. You can save up to 10 different versions of your resume on CSO; however, you must select one primary resume for our office to refer out.
To complete a profile and upload a resume, please log on to CSO or create a CSO profile.


How do I participate in a Co-op?



Employers may contact Career Services to request resumes, set up interview schedules, or arrange for a cooperative education coordinator to visit the employer’s office to discuss specifics of the program.


Students should attend a Co-op Information Workshop the semester prior to expected placement.  After attending a workshop, each student will schedule an individual appointment with the appropriate co-op coordinator.  The coordinator will explore available opportunities with the student.  Assignments are located in the Metro Detroit area, within the state of Michigan, and in various cities throughout the United States.  Students are referred to employers by the coordinator and are selected by the employer on the basis of individual merit.

Co-op Information Workshop schedule


What types of workshops does Career Services offer?


Each semester, Career Services hosts a variety of career-related presentations and information sessions for students and alumni.

Topics have included:

  • Career Decisions
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Resume Writing Techniques
  • Job Fair Preparation
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Student Employment
  • Cooperative Education Info Session


Can I use Career Services if I have already graduated?


Alumni are encouraged to utilize our services by creating a profile and uploading a resume on CSO for our office. We receive employer requests for new grads and alumni frequently. Career Services has a relationship with the WSU Alumni Association which runs various programs as well. For information about our Alumni Services please visit the link below.

Alumni CSO


How do I participate in Work-study?


To participate in College Work-Study (CWS), students must first apply to receive a College Work-Study award through the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid. After receiving a College Work-Study award, students can visit Career Services (1001 Faculty/Administration Building) to find a listing of CWS jobs. Placement Assistance is provided in matching students to their interests.

Student Services Center
Welcome Center, 42 West Warren, Detroit, MI 48202
Telephone: (313) 577-2100


What services does Career Services offer?


  • Career and Employment Counseling
  • Career Development
  • College Work-Study
  • Career Resource Labs
  • Cooperative Education
  • On-Campus Interviews
  • Resume Referrals
  • Student Employment
  • Summer Internships
  • Career-Related Seminars & Workshops
  • Full-time, Part-Time, Student Employment and Internship Job Postings

Office Services - Detailed Printable Flyer


Can someone write my resume for me?


Career Services is available to assist students and alumni in creating a resume. If you do not have a resume or would like to have your current resume reviewed, please stop by during our Stop In Counseling hours and a counselor will guide you on the proper path to creating a professional resume.

Stop In Counseling Hours


When are the Career/Job Fairs?


Fall Semester Career Fairs

School of Business Administration
College of Engineering
Computer Science
College of Nursing
College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
School of Social Work
Michigan Collegiate Job Fair

Winter Semester Career Fairs

N.O.B.L.E. Criminal Justice
College of Education
Library Science
Fashion Design and Merchandising
Michigan Collegiate Job Fair
Michigan Collegiate Virtual Job Fair

NOTE: All Career Fairs are subject to change. Career Services will list any Career Fair information under the "Events" section.


As an Employer, how do I post a job?


Career Services is happy to help employers connect with Wayne State University students and alumni by offering various job posting options free of charge. To view our options and to begin posting your positions, please visit the link below.

Job posting options


What is the difference between an Internship and a Co-op?


Career Services' Cooperative Education and Internship opportunities typically offer students paid work experiences which relate to a student's major or career goals.

Internships:  Students or recent graduates undergo supervised practical training in a work environment which typically relates to their major or career goals.

Co-ops:  Students earn official acknowledgement on their university transcripts for career work done in their field of study. Businesses create plans for student training and Career Services monitors the students progress. Evaluations are completed by both the student and the employer. 
Employers have communicated to Career Services that neither 
experience outweighs the other, but they feel it is very important to participate in a Co-op Experience or an Internship.