Wayne State University

Cooperative Education

Wayne State University's Cooperative Education Program is designed to provide students with paid career-related experience aligned with their academic area of study. These job assignments encompass professional level work and involve assigning students to a particular department or project within an organization. 


Who can Participate

The program is available to most students who meet specific criteria including, but not limited to, a minimum GPA of 2.0 and a minimum class standing at the junior level. Upon completion of a Co-op assignment, students will receive official transcript acknowledgement of their participation.


How to Participate

If you would like to participate in a co-op, you must first activate your Handshake account.

Current students have automatically been added into Handshake, so simply activate your account by logging into it once.

How to activate your Handshake Account

  1. Go to https://wayne.joinhandshake.com/
  2. Enter your Wayne State email address (example:  ab1234@wayne.edu)
  3. Click on the blue Wayne State University Sign On box
  4. Enter your WSU Academica ID (example: ab1234) and password

Advantages to Registering for the Co-op Course while working a Co-op Assignment

  1. The course may help you keep full-time status with the university when not enrolled, or taking less than a full load of classes.
  2. It is free! The zero credit Co-op Record course costs you nothing!
  3. It can prevent Professional Schools from seeing the gaps in your transcript when you are applying for admission.
  4. It can also prevents Employers from seeing the gaps in your transcript when seeking employment.
  5. Registering connects you to a Career Services professional dedicated to you while you work off-campus.
  6. The course documents your work in industry on your official transcript.

Your transcript should reflect all efforts relative to classes and experiential learning taken each semester leading to your degree.

Employers evaluate your co-op assignment on your transcript as a plus.

A transcript showing a co-op assignment reflects:

  • That your transcript does not include any skipped semesters
  • How you spent your time if taking less than 12 credits
  • Excellent time management skills when taking a full load and co-oping simultaneously
  • Being highly productive while handling a demanding schedule.